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What is Reverse Engineering?

It will occassionally happen that a CMO, Marketing / Business Development Director, or a senior Partner will come across an event which may be a good fit for the firm to be positioned on the program. 


On your behalf (and without identifying your firm), we will reach out to the event organizer to understand what would be involved to have your firm positioned as a corporate partner.  This is an ideal situation for organizations that are looking to place senior management on programs as a Speaker, Expert, or panel Moderator.


When we act as your "Agent", if you receive a call from an event organizer you simply refer them to your Agent.  We then evaluate the opportunity, compare the proposal to your needs and budget, then determine if this event specifically targets your demongraphic group, and is worthy of further consideration on your part.


Alternatively, if you have a solution that you would like to promote at a professional event, you can use our Agent services to seek-out appropriate events to be profiled on the program.  We have an extensive and global connection with event organizers.


Our "Agent" services are done without cost to the corporate Client.